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We do quality repair work on Guitars, Basses, & Amplifers.

Guitar and bass set-ups, adjustments, and precise intonation at affordable rates.



Stringed instruments occasionally need a tune-up. Fox Studios does expert repairs, modifications, and customization. We provide complete set-ups by restringing, adjusting neck relief, matching saddle heights to neck radius, setting intonation, adjusting pick-up heights, and replacing pick-ups. Fretwork, custom wiring, repair of guitar or bass electronics, and setting up floating and non-floating tremolos are also performed.


Fox Studios is an authorized Graph Tech Installation Center. Ghost Acousti-Phonic systems with Hexpander preamps can be installed to give your electric guitar high-quality acoustic output and the ability to function as a synth trigger. This technology allows you to use all the sounds keyboards and virtual instruments have to offer.

Graph Tech 13 pin synth connection


Complete Set-Up, Intonation, and Adjustments
Includes: Clean Fretboard, Polish Frets, Apply Fretboard Conditioner,
Adjust Truss Rod for Proper Neck Relief,
Clean Control Pots (Volume & Tone Controls and Switches), Check Tuning Machines,
Restring and Set String Height to Match Neck Radius,
Intonation of Bridge Saddles so Guitar/Bass Plays in Tune,
Polish Guitar with Carnuba Wax

Fixed Bridge Guitars $37

(Includes Choice of Ernie Ball, GHS, or D'Addario Strings)

Floyd Rose or Floating Trems $47

(Includes Choice of Ernie Ball, GHS, or D'Addario Strings)

Bass Guitars $30

Plus Price of Bass Strings.

Additional charges apply for fret work on instruments and for any missing parts (such as screws, control knobs, lock nut tabs, trem springs, etc.