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Guitar & Bass Rental Packages

(Only Available to Current Students)

Our studio provides its current students access to rental instruments and practice amps. Guitar rental packages are great for beginners who want to find out if they enjoy the art before investing in equipment of their own!

Electric Guitar Rental: $25.00 per month

Bass Rental: $25.00 per month

Acoustic Guitar Rental: $25.00 per month

Amp Rental: $25.00 per month

Guitar & Amp Combo: $40.00 per month

Bass & Amp Combo: $40.00 per month


1. Rental fees are due monthly.

2. Rentals can be discontinued at any time without subject to penalty, with the exception of damage to instrument.

3. All rental fees paid after the 3rd consecutive month in a one year period from the agreement date can be used towards the purchase of any guitar, amp, or accessory from Fox Studios.

4. Damages incurred on rental equipment, whether due to abuse or neglect, will be the responsibility of the student to cover cost of repair.

5. Student is responsible for maintaining equipment in good condition and for routine string replacement.

Guitar & Amp Rentals available to our current students.