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How long have you been in business?
Our independent music studio was established in 1990. With over 5,000 students and 30+ years of teaching experience, we now have many second generation students.

Who is the owner?
The studio operates as a Sole Proprietorship under the direction of Bill Fox.

Where are you located?
We are located in Drums, Pennsylvania.

What are your hours?
Music lessons are normally held Monday thru Thursday. We usually reserve Friday and Sunday for major recording projects. Hours are by appointment only. The studio is closed Saturday.

What instruments do you offer lessons for?
We specialize in teaching you how to play Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Bass Guitar. Occasionally, we have students who want to learn to play mandolin, banjo, or ukulele. If they desire, students can learn to play multiple instruments and incorporate them into their recording projects.

What is the studio like?
We have an innovative and interactive studio. Workstations feature musical equipment and jam tracks to give students the best creative, learning environment- while keeping it fun and educational.


What instruments do you teach?
Electric, acoustic, and bass guitar lessons are offered in our innovative studio. We also offer banjo, mandolin, and ukulele lessons.

How are music lessons structured?
Lessons are individually tailored to the student's musical interests and goals. Our lesson plan includes Music Theory and its application. Emphasizing techniques used in different musical styles, students learn chord structure, scales, modes, and how they all interrelate. Tablature and standard musical notation are taught, along with the nuances of melody, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, and timing. Ear training, improvisational skills, developing a “feel” or “groove”, song writing, arrangement, and recording are taught using the style of music the student loves– while keeping a fun, educational experience.

Do you teach music theory?
If the student wants to learn to read music, we use the Berklee Music Course written by Bill Leavitt. Music Theory, Chord Structure, Scales, Reading Tablature & Standard Musical Notation, Song Writing, Arranging, Improvisational Skills, Ear Training, Rhythm, Dynamics, Synthesis, Harmony, Melody, Leads, Timing, Tempo, and Groove are all included in our lesson plan. We create musical backtracks for students to develop their improvisational skills. Our interactive studio provides hands-on workstations and hands-on recording.

What books do I need?
Students need to bring a 3-subject spiral-bound notebook. The 1st section is for Music Theory. The 2nd section is for Song-Writing ideas. The 3rd section is for a List of Songs the student would like to learn. We ask them to write down 20 or more songs so we can get an idea of the style of music they are into. Those interested in learning to read music are taught using the Berklee Instructional Series written by William Leavitt.

What musical experience do I need?
A desire to learn and a love of music are the only prerequisites. Beginners to seasoned players will enjoy our studio.

What style of music do you teach?
We love all styles of music and can teach all genres of music including: rock, punk, alternative, indie, hard core, industrial, emo, ska, reggae, country, blues, classical, and jazz.


How often are lessons scheduled?
Lessons are held weekly and are one hour long. Many students prefer to schedule a double lesson each week.

How much do lessons cost?
Lessons are $18.00 per one hour lesson.

How do I arrange lessons for my child?
Contact us by phone 570.788.4797 or send an e-mail to and we can schedule a weekly lesson time.

How do I pay for lessons?
Lessons can be paid weekly or by the month at the beginning of the month. We accept cash and personal checks. We do not accept credit cards. A grant program is available for students who qualify and who live in the Greater Hazleton area.

Are there a minimum number of lessons for which I am obligated?
We do not require you to sign up for a certain number of lessons. You can discontinue lessons at any time by notifying our staff.

What is the best age to take music lessons?
Our students vary in age from preschool to older adults. Their abilities range from beginner to seasoned players. If you think you're too old to learn something new... think again. Everyone needs to learn something new everyday, and that doesn't just apply to music. 

What is the best age to begin my child's music education?
That depends on several factors. We have students as young as 4 or 5 years of age and students of 70+ years of age learning to play for the first time. Anyone can learn to play an instrument if they have the desire to learn, a good attention span, focus, self-discipline for playing, and most importantly a love of music. There are other factors to consider for very young students. Are they physically large enough to comfortably hold the instrument? In some cases children can start as young as 3 years old, but that requires extensive parental involvement. For that young age, parents are required to sit-in on the lessons in order to review the material with their child throughout the week.

Can I bring a friend?
Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit-in on the lesson with their child. This is beneficial for the student. Parents can help remember material covered and offer additional encouragement. Older students can occasionally bring along a friend to sit quietly in on a lesson. We don't mind at all as long as it's not a distraction for the student.


Where do I get an instrument?
Fox Studios can assist you with all your instrument rental or purchase needs. Stringed instruments are the only instruments that come in smaller fractional sizes for younger students.


Does the studio cancel lessons when schools are closed?
We do not follow your school's cancellation schedule; because, we have students from many different school districts and colleges. We do close for major holidays and at other times during the year. Notification is posted in the studio and is given to each student. We will reschedule and arrange an alternate lesson time when possible.

What is your cancellation policy?
24 hour notice is required. The full $18 lesson fee is charged for cancellations when we are not given at least 24 hours notice. To cancel or reschedule a lesson, please call us at 570.788.4797, preferably by the Sunday prior to your lesson, as this is when we do the bulk of our scheduling for the week. When last minute cancellations arise, there is not enough notice to accommodate students on our waiting list or those in need of alternate lesson times. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

How soon do I need to pick up equipment left for repair?
As soon as the repair is completed, we will set an appointment for pick-up. We are not responsible for equipment repairs left over 90 days.

What is your returned check policy?
Returned checks are subject to a $30.00 fee. Please notify the instructor if you need us to hold your check for date of deposit.


Do you offer recording services?
The studio features professional quality music production. Recording, editing, mixing, and mastering are provided at an affordable hourly rate. Backing tracks with keyboards, horns, classical string instruments, and a host of other virtual sounds are ready to complete your musical ideas and help you create the mix you envision. If you don’t play an instrument, but have ideas for songs you would like recorded, we can turn your ideas into reality and put your poetry to music.

What are our fees for studio time?
Our fees are extremely cost-effective. Please call us for current pricing.

Can you help me design my album cover?
Our in-house graphic design team can help you create cover art for your next album or CD at affordable rates.

Can students record their own music?
We offer students who write their own songs the opportunity to make demos (at no extra cost during lesson time) and help them with arrangements to express their ideas. Each student has access to the studio's wide range of musical equipment. Their songs are expertly recorded and mixed to bring out a unique, creative style.


Do you repair instruments?
We do expert repair work on guitars, basses, & amps.

My guitar is out of tune, can you fix it?
We offer complete guitar and bass set-ups. Stringed instruments occasionally need a tune-up. We perform expert repairs, modifications, and customization. We do complete set-ups by restringing, adjusting neck relief, matching saddle heights to neck radius, setting intonation, adjusting pick-up heights, and replacing pick-ups. Fretwork, custom wiring, repair of guitar or bass electronics, and setting up floating and non-floating tremolos are also done.


Do you do custom work?
We provide expert guitar and bass modification & customization, including Graph Tech installations. Fox Studios is an authorized Graph Tech Installation Center. Ghost Acousti-Phonic systems with Hexpander preamps can be installed to give your electric guitar high-quality acoustic output and the ability to function as a synth trigger. This technology allows you to use all the sounds keyboards and virtual instruments have to offer.


Do you offer instrument rentals?
Guitar and amp rental packages are available to current students at a monthly rental fee.


Do you sell instruments?
We sell new and used gear of most major brands, equipment including guitars, basses, amps, effects, percussion, band instruments, strings, and accessories. We were the area's first authorized Line 6 dealer and the area's first authorized dealer of Parker Guitars. Fox Studios became an authorized Graph Tech installation center in 2006.


Can I purchase a gift certificate?
Gift certificates are available for lessons, equipment purchases, and studio time.